What is Integration Psychotherapy?

Integration means the differentiation and linking of different elements to create a balanced, cohesive whole. Or in other words, a functioning system, that operates best when its parts are individuated and interconnected. Like ecosystems and cells, humans (and our minds) are systems too! How our many parts interact, such as our emotions, behaviours, and core beliefs, will determine our overall state of welfare and ability to thrive. Therapy provides an opportunity to pay attention differently to our system. This process has an organizing effect, resulting in increased harmony within ourselves and between others and our environment. This is integration. Our brains, and consequently our actions, are always changing because where ever attention goes, energy flows, creating new neural connections. Through therapy, a process of assisted self-study, your brain and body-stance will change, and become integrated, as we mindfully explore how the many parts of your system are organized around experiences of self, others, and the world.




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