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I can’t understate how positively you impacted my life and helped me turn my life around. Whether you were tailoring it to me specifically or it is just your normal approach, giving facts based on scientific studies really helped me to grasp the concepts we discussed. I thought you were very empathetic in our chats, and you really focused on the positives in all the small steps forward I was taking. I also appreciated the tools and exercises you gave me to help cope with my anxiety and depression. I felt welcomed each time we chatted, and sharing personal information with you felt safe. You asked great questions which required me to really think about certain topics, and proposed ideas I had not considered.

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A couple things I really liked during our sessions were focusing on mindfulness and breathing exercises. I feel like those were really helpful because they are easy to forget when talking about some things that could be upsetting. Also, how you would share experiences and stories of your own because I felt like I could relate to someone and made more of a connection. Thanks for everything!


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I’ve had overwhelmingly positive experience in our sessions together. I appreciate the time and effort you put in to creating a safe and comfortable environment for me to express my feelings in.

I particularly enjoyed learning new skills or tools that could help me control and manage my emotions in tense situations. 


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I look forward to my sessions with Sean. When I lack clarity with my thoughts, Sean is able to help me organize my feelings. I’m able to take away some piece of information that will help from each session. 


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Working with Sean has been extremely supportive for me. I always leave our calls feeling safe, seen, heard, grounded, regulated and resourced.  

Sean guides me to work with what is present in a way that feels safe and comfortable.  I never feel pushed to go any further or deeper in our work than I feel ready to. He always asks for my permission to deepen which allows me to feel safe and held in my processes. 

I also really appreciate that I am able to work with Sean on ZOOM because I wasn’t able to find support in my community that felt like the right fit. Thank you Sean. 


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I am very pleased with our therapy – I followed my intuition when searching for therapists and you were who I was hoping to work with. You have a special magic about you (Sean) that helped me through the really tough parts of maturing my inner child’s relationship needs and holding space for compassion and reminding me over and over not to make that part of me wrong by being angry at it. You were always there and the reliability helped me heal the parts that thought men will just leave and betray me. I can tell you love what you do and bring a varied skillset to the table.

I’ve done a lot of work on myself and needed someone who could walk through things with me at a much deeper level, you never placated me with surface level questions or observations. You matched me and that helped so much.

I am so happy we met and that I don’t need you anymore (for now lol)…that’s the sign of a great therapist! 


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